Welcome from the Director

Dear Prospective Students and Families,

Exciting opportunities are happening on 16th Street! We recently opened the doors to the state-of-the-art Fernandez-Duminuco Hall. The new space expands our offerings in performing arts, music, and sound recording and provides incredible opportunities for learning coding and robotics. A Jesuit education in the heart of New York City that prepares its students for the future while remaining rooted in the best practices of our tradition: that’s the animating vision we have for Xavier!

That vision started when Fr. John Larkin founded the College of St. Francis Xavier in Lower Manhattan in 1847 and just three years later relocated Xavier to its current setting just west of Union Square, in Chelsea. From its humble beginnings, Xavier has offered a rigorous education—focused on cultivating critical thinking, spiritual development, and self-discipline—to young men drawn from all over metropolitan New York City. Fr. Larkin’s vision remains very much alive at Xavier today.

Here’s what our alumni often say about how Xavier kindled that vision within them. Some talk about the how much self-discipline they learned during their commutes, in the classroom, or on the field. Others speak of the intellectual risks they took and curiosity they developed in their math or science classes, while others discuss the athletic or artistic interests they discovered during their four high school years. Many mention the profound relationships that they developed with their teachers—passionate educators who challenged them to broaden and deepen their intellectual and spiritual horizons. Frequently, graduates speak about how they received care and support from a guidance counselor or homeroom advisor, how they experienced a spiritual “a-ha” moment on one of our student-led retreats, how they developed friendships over lunchtime conversations in our Quad or Cafeteria, or how they felt themselves becoming a “Man for and with Others” on one of our many service or immersion trips. Not surprisingly, regardless of how they began their answer, it frequently ends with the sentiment that—during their time on 16th Street—Xavier was their second home, a place where they were both cared for and challenged. I'd encourage you to take a look at our Xavier Magazine to learn more about what great things our current students and alumni are doing both within the walls of Xavier, throughout New York City, and across the globe.

Xavier’s educational methods are rooted in the pillars of the Profile of the Graduate at Graduation—one of the foundational documents of Jesuit education—which means that Xavier graduates become Open to Growth, Intellectually Competent, Loving, Religious, and Committed to Doing Justice. This is why, by the time they step out of St. Patrick’s Cathedral onto 5th Avenue, Sons of Xavier are no longer boys, but men who have become more conscientious, competent, compassionate, committed, and creative—ready to be of service to our city, our nation, and the world.

Come explore with us the array of opportunities that a Xavier education offers. If you are interested in applying, please consult our process for admission and key admission dates. The members of Xavier's Admissions Office stand ready to assist you through navigating the application process. We hope to see you incorporating your own story into life on 16th Street, walking out of St. Patrick’s Cathedral at graduation towards 5th Avenue, and sharing your journey with fellow Sons of Xavier many years from now.


Steven Noga

Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

212-924-7900, ext. 1442

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