Dear Prospective Student,

When asked to describe the things they loved most about Xavier High School, our alumni are eager to delve into different stories about their time on 16th Street.  Some talk about the academic rigor and structure that Xavier provided, while others discuss the athletic or artistic accolades they received during their four high school years.  Some discuss a favorite teacher – or even a favorite lecture – and how they’ll never forget that particular class.  Oftentimes, graduates talk about the care they received by a guidance counselor, a “spiritual breakthrough” they had on a retreat, or how they felt themselves becoming a “Man for Others” on one of our many service trips.  Yet no matter how they begin their answer, it almost always ends with the sentiment that - during their time on 16th Street - Xavier was their second home.

Founded in 1847, Xavier High School has a storied tradition of preparing some of the most diligent young minds in the New York City area.  I encourage you to read more about Xavier's history, mission, and philosophy in our Prospectus to get a feel for what we can offer you over the next four years. Your high school experience will be among the most significant years of your life. It will affect what you know, how you think, what you believe, who your friends will be, how you study, how you pray, and much more.

Xavier’s educational philosophy is rooted in the pillars of the Graduate at Graduation, which means that Xavier graduates are all Academically Competent, Committed to Doing Justice, Loving, Religious, and Open to Growth.  This is why, by the time they walk out of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, graduates of Xavier are no longer boys, but men who are becoming more conscientious, competent, compassionate, committed, and creative--ready to take their place to be of service to the world.

As the director of our admissions and financial aid efforts, I look forward to exploring with you all of the many advantages of a Xavier education.  We hope to see you walking down our hallways next year, walking down the aisle of St. Patrick’s at graduation, and sharing your Xavier journey many years from now.


Mr. Steven Noga
Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
Xavier High School
30 West 16th Street
212-924-7900, ext. 1442

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